In Tune

A finely, mindfully tuned

teaching TeAM.

A finely, mindfully tuned teaching TeAM


We want to enrich people’s lives through music. We want our students to love learning and find passion in their playing. A big part of any teacher’s role is to excite and inspire you.

So we’ve put together a line-up of skilled, knowledgeable musicians who’ve also got their groove as teachers. It’s not a one size, fit all approach; we’ve assembled the best teachers we could find to teach each instrument, each course, each facet and each particular level.


Hein is an award-winning double bassist, producer, composer, author and educator. He’s played around the world, with the best in the world, including Chet Baker and Dee Dee Bridgewater. He founded his own record label and produced most of its 160 titles. He’s taught at The Royal Conservatory in the Netherlands and was artistic director at Codarts University of The Arts in Rotterdam. He’s also written various works on music teaching and education, including a 950-page comprehensive bass method that’s considered definitive in its field.

Hein has pioneered our unique educational model, oversees every course and class, and teaches Theory, Improvisation and Reading.


Marco is a jazz trumpeter, composer, band leader and music educator. He completed his BMus from the South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town, and was awarded a full scholarship from the Johnny Mercer Foundation at Georgia State University, where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies. He also worked in the Johnny Mercer Archive, completing unfinished and unpublished works by Mercer and arranging them for big band and soloists. Marco is actively engaged in music education, pedagogy and curriculum development, and is a regular presenter of workshops for community projects.


Hein Van De Geyn

Instrument: All
Levels: All

“Music has enriched my life for as long as I can remember: my first steps on the violin as a child, the rebellious guitar years as a teenager, the decades I travelled the world as a jazz bassist, and my time in music education. Music has been an endless source of joy, of sharing, of learning. It has touched my heart, my body, my brain. It’s in my veins, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Dan Shout

Instrument: Alto Saxophone
Levels: Intro, 1, 2

“I’ve loved so many different things about music. First, just getting a sound out of an instrument. Then, being able to play a tune. And then, playing with other musicians. Later, the character it built in me. The unusual life it’s given me. And the opportunities it’s opened for me to go places, meet people, and form beautifully diverse friendships.”

Darren Petersen

Instrument: Drums
Levels: Intro, 1, 2

“Performing comes with lots of preparation, lots of pressure. But being in sync and connecting with other musicians, the audience, the energy in a room - there’s nothing like it. You’re beside yourself with happiness. It’s very emotional. It’s next level. At the same time, you never want to settle, because there’s always another level to push yourself to.”

Jonathan Prest

Instrument: Trumpet
Levels: Intro, 1, 2

“There’s so much to love about music - the way it taps into raw human emotion; the discipline it’s taught me to apply in other aspects of my life; what you get from and give to people you’re playing with. I especially love those mind-blowing moments of being able to do something you couldn’t do before - and that’s something I get both as a player and teacher.”

Kyle Petersen

Instrument: Piano
Levels: 1, 2

“There’s a mutual exchange between the piano and myself when I play: the piano is doing what it was created for, and I’m doing what’s in my DNA. To me, playing is also the ultimate form of connection with other humans, and the most emotionally satisfying way of expressing myself. Beyond that, it’s given me the opportunity to travel to more than 30 countries.”

Michael Bester

Instrument: Guitar
Levels: Intro, 1, 2

“As a teenager, I noticed that certain songs made me feel things nothing else did, and I found myself seeking out these experiences. Once a friend showed me how to play a few simple riffs on guitar, I felt I could create these emotions myself. It was addictive! This is why I continue to play, learn and teach music – it’s an unending journey of discovery.”

Sarah Blake

Instrument: Electric Bass
Levels: Intro, 1

“The more I learn about music, the more inquisitive I get about it. And over time, my motivation for playing has changed from wanting to be the best, to exploring how it makes me feel. It’s helped me through good times and difficult times; turned sadness into happiness; created spaces, energies, and moments that can never be repeated.”

Francois Botha

Instrument: Piano
Levels: Intro

“I love the combination of the intellectual and the emotional in music. We humans we are very good at trying to explain things explicitly, through language or science. Some things, though, words can’t do justice to. And music is a way of expressing things we otherwise can’t. I can’t complain about a single day of being a musician.”

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