In Tune

An Instrument

For Change.

An instrument for change

Social Impact

Responding to out of reach with outreach.

As players, performers, listeners and lovers of music, we’ve experienced and witnessed the impact that music can have. We want to spread that far and wide. We want to give the broadest possible scope of people the greatest possible opportunity to be enriched, energised and uplifted through music.

One of the ways we do that is by making The eAr Academy affordable. Even so, we know that there are people, organisations and communities for whom music education is financially difficult or impossible.

So we’ve committed to making our courses available to organisations that want to use music as a developmental tool but don’t have the resources.

By making our music learning accessible where it otherwise wouldn’t be, we hope to help address inequality and exclusion in a small but significant way. We hope to give vulnerable and at-risk youth a positive experience and meaningful opportunity. We hope to offer thousands of children and young adults, around the world, the chance to discover both their own musical potential, and the potential that music has to enrich their lives.

If your organisation wants to apply to have access to our courses, or partner with us to achieve these goals, please get in touch.