In Tune


Honed. Toned. Tuned.


Honed. Toned. Tuned.


Get easy-to-use, multi-media learning material. Make lesson time richer, and out-of-lesson time more productive. Keep students motivated and engaged.
Get easy-to-use, multi-media learning material. Make lesson time richer, and out-of-lesson time more productive. Keep students motivated and engaged.

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Students – and by extension teachers – often struggle with the same things. Using the same material over and over. Keeping motivated. Practicing consistently. The slow pace of progress.

If any of these give you or your students the blues, The eAr Academy can help you both get your groove back.


The eAr Academy was created to support, complement and enhance music learning, and teachers’ relationships with their students.

You have access to a treasure trove of engaging content, expertly produced by internationally respected musicians and educators, for piano, guitar, drums, electric bass, alto saxophone and trumpet.

Hundreds of hours of teaching resources are fully developed and available to use right away, without preparation. You can teach our entire curriculums, or just focus on specific lessons.

Coursework is full, rich, broad and deep. With more comprehensive material that develops more confident musicians, it’s the complete beat. And makes your teaching a treat.

Where tech helps teach.

To develop our courses, we curated and crafted the best of what we’ve learned over centuries of collective music education. Then we added what we felt was missing.

But we were also able to do what centuries-old wisdom previously couldn’t: use technology to put it all together in a way that’s integrated, innovative and intriguing.

Beautifully designed. Genre-rich. Generous in content. Engaging to use. Easy to love. Made for teachers and students to be perfectly in tune.

7 Facets. Integrated, immersive, inspiring.

Music is multi-faceted, encompassing Tunes, Etudes, Exercises, Reading, Improvisation, Hearing, and Theory. Few, if any, resources cover all of these facets.

By integrating them holistically, The eAr makes music education more whole. Students are also stimulated to indulge their curiosity and explore their creativity. Their musical yearning directs their learning, with teachers as their mentor and muse.

Watch this video to learn more about our 7 facets.

Practice, made perfect.

What happens when students go home and struggle to replicate what was covered in the lesson?

With The eAr, even if they’re alone, they’re never on their own.

Our exclusive Shedding Sessions put a teacher “in the room” with students whenever they practice, guiding them step by step, note by note, to keep them on key and course.

This way, they feel more engaged and encouraged. Which means they’re naturally inclined to play more. Which means they inevitably progress faster.

All the tools needed. All in one place.

Multimedia learning material comes in the form of videos, audio and backing tracks, and downloadable notation pdfs.

There’s also a built-in tuner, metronome, notepad and glossary. And a personalised inspiration board fuels each student’s musical fire.

Making music education sing.

Here’s what international educators have said about The eAr Academy:

“I like the holistic approach… so much attention and thought has gone in. I would recommend this to everyone with a longing to make music.”

Linda Bloemhard

Senior Policy Advisor, Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"The eAr is entering the market at the very right time - when the whole world of music education is going HYBRID. Until 2022 this was a controversial topic, but at this moment many are going there. If not, you risk being left behind.”

Wouter Turkenburg

Former Director of Jazz Studies, The Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, The Netherlands

“Material is very high quality, practical, and user friendly. Keeping the idea of music as play rather than work is important, especially as the student progresses into areas that could be intimidating.”

Harold Danko

Pianist and Educator, Rochester, USA

“A brilliantly assembled and accessible resource that is comprehensive and adaptive. Immensely useful.”

Simon Purcell

Award-winning Educator and Jazz Pianist.
International Chair in Improvisation, Guildhall.
Former Head of Jazz, Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London, UK

Let’s play.

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