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We’ve set out to enrich more people’s lives through music by producing deeper courses, in a wider range of instruments, for a broader range of skills, encompassing a richer range of genres. Currently, we offer courses for piano, drums, guitar, trumpet, electric bass and alto saxophone.

Less Hole,
More Holistic.

Less Hole,

More Holistic.


Most musicians are skilled in some areas but have gaps in others. They may be able to read music but not improvise. They may play competently, but without knowing the theory behind it.

We aim to develop complete, rounded musicians. Our courses are unusually comprehensive in that they cover seven key facets of music: Tunes, Etudes, Exercises, Reading, Improvisation, Hearing, and Theory. And rather than being siloed or separated, they’re integrated and interconnected.

They provide a sound, solid structure within which you have the freedom to explore what you want to, and through which you’ll build the confidence to express yourself how you hope to.


Each level contains between 6 and 12 tunes, chosen to develop you progressively as a musician, and challenging you to improve different elements of your playing.


These pieces improve your technique and skills, help you to develop a stronger relationship with your instrument and the music, and give you the ability to express yourself more freely.


Inventive exercises – a kind of musical workout – to help you explore and open up the many amazing possibilities of your instrument, engagingly and joyfully.


Being able to read and write music can only enhance your enjoyment of it. Reading gives you the skill to play new songs, and to play with others, more easily.


There’s nothing quite as fulfilling or energising as spontaneously playing in the moment, combining melodies and rhythms in creative new ways. And yes, you can start improvising at any level.


Just like writing or drawing, hearing is a skill that can be improved and developed. Ear-training will open you up to new awareness of sound and song, and fuller appreciation of music.


How is music written, composed, produced? What are its inner workings? The more you know, the more you appreciate. The more you can make of music, the better music you’ll make.

Shedding Sessions AND Backing tracks

Practice, made perfect.

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re on your own. We’ve built unique content into your learning to surround you with musical support.

Our exclusive Shedding Sessions (or practice sessions) go above and beyond what traditional teaching methods can do: by putting your teacher in your room with you whenever you practice, we guide you step by step, note by note, to keep you on key and course. It’s exceptional material that elevates your learning.

And our courses come with backing tracks that immediately put you into an active musical environment. They give you the experience of playing with other people, making your practicing more alive and your progress more enjoyable.

Shedding Sessions

Face to face lessons are great, but what happens when you're alone and try to repeat what you learned? Our Shedding Sessions are like taking your teacher home with you.


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