In Tune

Assembled by an ensemble.

Assembled by an ensemble.

Our collaborators

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it’s taken a community to orchestrate The eAr Academy’s first steps in the world. Turning this idea into something real has been a process of committed collaboration by musicians, teachers, producers, project managers, videographers, designers, developers, marketers and masters of various other crafts. It’s come to life in a spirit of joy and generosity, for which we’re so grateful. Acknowledging our collaborators on this page is one of the ways we can express that gratitude.

The eAr team behind the vision

Front (L to R): Jeandre Cordier (Video Editor); Kerry Elgin (Research & Development); Maeve Fourie (COO).
Middle (L to R): Hein Van de Geyn (Educational Director/Founder); Denise Onen (Audio Restoration); Bryan Simmers (Videographer); Dane Morkel (Audio Engineer).
(L to R): Alex Mayers (Technical Co-ordinator); Greg Krupp (CFO); Barry De Villiers (Video Editor); Rus Nerwich (CEO/Founder); Tich Makalisa (Arranger); Nicholas Williams (Arranger).

Playing together is a massive driver for us, realising that people aspire to connect through music, we have from the very early stages focused on how to empower young musicians with tools that they can develop over a lifetime.

Rus Nerwich (eAr Academy CEO)

The challenge of building an immersive and genuinely rewarding online music education portal has been inspiring to our team.

Gareth Bowers (Silicon Overdrive CEO)

Silicon Overdrive - The Builders
All Brand No Flakes (ABNF) - The Designers | Conscious Company (COCO) - The copyWRITER

L to R: Rupert Pluck (Lead Designer); Alex Levetan (Creative Director); Sasha Sanders (Copywriter)

We were on board from the get-go. As lovers of music we were not going to miss up on the opportunity to be part of something this special.

Alex Levetan (ABNF CEO)

It’s been a pleasure and privilege to help compose a few notes in this amazing production and write a few chapters in its beautiful story.

Sasha Sanders (Conscious Company)

A special Acknowledgement

To the amazing team at Unsplash and its global family of contributors, who have produced and curated some of the finest images available on the internet, we owe a debt of gratitude.